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J1130C(330 Ton)3300kN Horizontal Plunger Cold Cham

J1130C(330 Ton)3300kN Horizontal Plunger Cold Cham
  • J1130C(330 Ton)3300kN Horizontal Plunger Cold Cham
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Product Description

      The machine is of a middle rank among the models of horizontal cold chamber die-casting machine series. It is widely used for mass production of foundry goods made of nonferrous metal such as aluminum, zinc and copper in the industries of automobiles, motorcycles, meters and instruments, household appliance, hardware of daily necessities.
      Computer-programmed control, the trouble location and adjust of machine are remote controlled, via communication net; hydraulic drive adopts import proportional control valve for control, crank expanding structure, 4-rod pilot elastic stress framework, locking that is tensile, faster and reliable, there are reliable security mechanism. The high presision electrical-machinary adjusting device adjusts the die height, 4-phase injection is afforded for fast injection speed, up to more than 6m/s, and minimum boosting less than 20ms, and individual control of injection and pressure intensification is possible. All parameters for injection may be adjusted separately against the requirements of producting qualified castings.3-tie bars connect the fixed plated with injection cylinder, thus there is larger operation space, this machine adopts advanced sealing structure parts and import sealling element.
      The machine is superior in performance and smooth in operation, it is advantageous in technology in mainland China, and can replace the import machine.

The project The unit J1130C
Die locking force kN 3300
Size of moving platen(HxV) mm 900X900
Inner space between the bars (H x V) mm 590X590
Thickness of die block (Min./Max) mm 300/700
Stroke of moving platen mm 420
Ejection stroke mm 120
Ejection force kN 160
Injection force kN 320
Injection stroke mm 440
Injection position mm 0,-90,-180
Diameter of shot sleeve mm 60 70 75
Dosage of fluid metal per shot (AL) kg 2.3 32 3.6
Injection Pressure MPa 113 83 72
Max.Projecting area of casting cm2 458
Dry cycle s 10
Pipeline pressure MPa 12
Motor power kW 18.5
Machine weight kg 11500
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) mm 6800X1750X2300