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J1113F (130Ton)1300kN Horizontal Plunger Cold Cham

J1113F (130Ton)1300kN Horizontal Plunger Cold Cham
  • J1113F (130Ton)1300kN Horizontal Plunger Cold Cham
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Product Description

      The machine is widely used for mass production of foundry goods made of nonferrous metal such as aluminum, zinc and copper in the industries of automobiles, motorcycles, meters and instruments, household appliance hardware of daily necessities.
      Computer-programmed control;hydraulic drive; crank expanding structure; 4-rod pilot elastic stress framework; locking that is tensile, faster and reliable; hydraulic ejector for lift-out, moud thickness can be controlled by hydraulic motr; 3-step hydraulic boosting and injection system that is constant and effective; injection rate over 6M/S and minimum boosting time less than 25ms.
      The machine is superior in performance, high in productivity and smooth in operation. It is advantageous in technology in mainland China.

The project The unit J1113F
Die locking force kN 1300
Size of moving platen(HxV) mm 660X667.5
Inner space between the bars (H x V) mm 430X430
Thickness of die block (Min./Max) mm 250/500
Stroke of moving platen mm 350
Ejection stroke mm 85
Ejection force kN 90
Injection force kN 150
Injection stroke mm 320
Diameter of shot sleeve mm 40 50
Dosage of fluid metal per shot (AL) kg 1.2
Injection Pressure MPa 76.4 119.4
Max.Projecting area of casting cm2 152
Dry cycle s 7
Pipeline pressure MPa 12
Motor power kW 11
Machine weight kg 5000
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) mm 4800X1300X1800