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J213B 250kN hot chamber die casting machine

J213B 250kN hot chamber die casting machine
  • J213B 250kN hot chamber die casting machine
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Product Description

      This machine suitable for die casting zinc, lead low point coloured alloy part, but apply to industrial departments, such as motorcycle fittings of automobile, instrument and meter, haberdashery and hardware, household appliances, etc. extensively.
      This machine have money can choose three work system: Manual, single circulation, full-automatic circulation. Operator select full-automatic circulation for use, start several machines work at the same time.
      This machine it has to be very high working efficiency, period 3 second, is zinc alloy person who penetrate most serious to can be up to 600 grams one circulation.
      This machine selects the high-quality electric apparatus and hydraulic pressure component for use. Adopt programme-controlled, performance steady, safe and reliable PC while being electric.

The project The unit J213B
Die locking force kN 300
Stroke of moving platen mm 200
Inner space between the bars (H x V) mm 240x240
Thickness of die block (Min./Max) mm 120/320
Injection force kN 30
Injection stroke mm 110
Injection position mm 0,-40
Ejection force kN 35
Ejection stroke mm 50
Diameter of shot sleeve mm 45
Max. Projecting area of casting cm2 132
Working pressure of vane pump MPa 7
Motor power kW 7.5
Dosage of fluid metalPershot(Zinc) kg 0.6
Effective volume of crucible(Zinc) kg 160
Oil consumption of burner kg/h 1.5~6.0
Volume of oil tank L 320
Machine weight kg 2900
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) mm 2900x1320x1880